Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films

Q&A Guest Speakers

Guest speakers at Malibu Film Society Q&A presentations include directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, editors, cast members, and others intimately involved with the production of the featured film of the evening. Some of our recent speakers are shown in the gallery below, many of whom have been Oscar and Golden Globe award nominees and winners.
Film Title

Director Evgeny Afineevsky
"Cries From Syria"

Film Title

Producer Lisa Bruce, screenwriter Anthony McCarten
"The Darkets Hour"

Film Title

Director, Writer Damien Chazelle, Score Composer Justin Hurwitz interviewed by Ben Mankiewicz
"La La Land"

Film Title

Boguslaw Linda
Lead Actor, "AfterImage"

Film Title

Elite Zexer
Writer, Director "Sand Storm"

Film Title

Joan Sobel
Editor "Nocturnal Animals"

Film Title

Simon Helberg
Actor, "Florence Foster Jenkins"

Film Title

Director Jack Riccobono, producers Natalie Portman and Chris Eyre
"The Seventh Fire"

Film Title

Pierre-Richard Prosper
Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes "The Uncondemned"

Film Title

Director Jacque Lerrin, Producer Olli Barbe, Director Jacques Cluzaud, Screenwriter Stephane Durand.

Mr. Saturday Night

Billy Crystal
Actor, Director,"Mr. Saturday Night"

99 Homes

Drew Goddard
Screenwriter, "The Martian"

Phyllis Nagy
Phyllis Nagy
Screenwriter, "Carol"
Lenny Abrahamson
Director, "Room"

Stephan Komandarev
Assen Blatechki
Lead Actor
"The Judgement"

Beasts of No Nation

Abraham Attah
Lead Actor
"Beasts of No Nation"

Beasts of No Nation

Carey Fukunaga
Writer, Director
"Beasts of No Nation"

Beasts of No Nation

Sally Field
"Beasts of No Nation"


Benicio del Toro
Lead Actor, "Sicario"

Dick Guttman

Dick Guttman
Publicist to the stars and author of "Starflacker"

99 Homes

Michael Shannon
Lead Actor, "99 Homes"

99 Homes

Kim Karath
"Sound of Music"

99 Homes

Randal Schoenberg
Real-life attorney that film character was based on,
"Woman in Gold"


David Franzoni
Director, "Gladiator"

Finding Vivian Meier

Charlie Siskel
Director, Writer
"Finding Vivian Meier"

Salt of the Earth

Doug Busch and Eric Myer, renowned Malibu photographers
"Salt of the Earth"

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Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films Critically acclaimed films, restored classics, noteworthy films